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FAQs: Public ShareFolder for Microsoft Outlook

Support / FAQ No. 61

Question: How to backup Public ShareFolder settings and the "Outlook server" PST?
Is there a way of automatically shutting down Outlook - for backup, and restarting?


As long as the Public ShareFolder (PSF) Server is running, the server Outlook PST file is locked, but you can start and stop the PSF server if the PSF server is installed as Windows service.

How to install PSF as Windows Service? Have a look in our FAQ No. 1: PSF as Windows service

If PSF is running as a Windows service you can start and stop the service automaticly with 2 batch files: Download Batch files

The 2 batch files must include in seperate files the following commands:

net stop "Public ShareFolder" and
net start "Public ShareFolder"

With the Windows Task Manager you can select the time settings for the start and stop batch file.

Should Outlook® be open on the Server you could also close this server Outlook® with our freeware Addon "Quit Outlook" automaticly.

Download: Quit Outlook

With the Windows Task Manager you can select the time settings for the start of this Quit Outlook add-in for Outlook.

Please save also the "Data" folder under "C:Program filesPublic ShareFolderServer", and you will save also all user names and passwords.

If you want to copy the PST file to a "Server", NAS or a backup computer, you can use a VBscript to copy automatically a PST file to another location: VBscript to copy a PST file.


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