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FAQs: Public ShareFolder for Microsoft Outlook

Support / FAQ No. 19

Question: Is it possible to select a „Public contact folder“ to add an email address if I click on the “To” field?


Yes, please activate the folowing option in Outlook.

How to add a contact folder as an "Outlook Addressbook"?
Please select the "Public Contact Folder"

then "right mouseclick/properties/Outlook Addressbook" and select here the flag for "Show this folder as an Outlook Addressbook" and change the name of the Outlook Addressbook from "Contacts" into "Public Contacts".

How to make the Outlook Addressbook as a default addressbook for Outlook?
In the Outlook menu under "Tools/Addressbook/Tools/Options" select here the "Public Contacts" for "Show this addressbook first".

Close now all windows and create a new email, click on "To" and now you must see the Public Contacts in your Outlook Addressbook.

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