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FAQs: Public ShareFolder for Microsoft Outlook

Support / FAQ No. 16

Question: Public ShareFolder cannot be added over the services and/or Data/Datafile Management, because it is not listed here. The installation was successful without any errors?


A possible reason could be that the "Mapisvc.inf" is doubly present or at lies on a wrong place. The correct place is a subfolder of c:\programs\common files\system\...

If the file is found double (search for this file), please renamed the dupes, thus not be more considered and restart the computer so this file be be created new.

Another reason can be a Windows® System listing, whith a path contains a point

e.g.: "C:\Windows.000\System"

Outlook® evaluates the file "MAPISVC.INF" wrong, whereby the Client files cannot be found.

A Workaround is the manual installation of the Clients into an alternative register.

The description refers for Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP.

Installation: Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP

Installation (The Public ShareFolder Client ist not installed):

1. Create a new folder: C:\Programs\PSF

2. Change into the path C:\WINDOWS.0\System32 and copy the 4 files:

- pol32.dll
- pol32ps.dll
- POL32Evt.exe
- xpsp2fix.exe

3. Insert the 4 files in the folder:"C:\Programs\PSF"

4. Go into the “Control panel” and doubleclick on “system”. Go to the register card “Extended” an click on “Environment variable” In the list of “Systems variables” click on “Edit”.

Supplement the "value of the variables". Attach the following section: “C:\Programs\PSF”




Close all windows with “OK”.

5. Deinstall the Public ShareFolder Client. The question, if the "pol32ps.dll" is also to be deinstalled, confirm with "Yes".

6. Reboot the computer

7. Start -> Run and type in: rundll32.exe pol32.dll,RunDllRegisterMAPI /ps

Confirm with „OK“. You will get no feedback.

8. Start -> Run and type in: pol32evt.exe /regserver

Confirm with „OK“. You will get no feedback.

9. Start -> Run and type in: xpsp2fix.exe -client -install

Confirm with „OK“. You will get no feedback.

10. Add now the service "Public ShareFolder "as it is described in the manual.

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